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Parish Kohanim - Marianna

Parish Kohanim – Marianna

ParishParish Kohanim has been intimately involved with photography for over 25 years. Parish, who is a renowned commercial photographer, is now devoting his efforts towards his first love, fine art photography. Parish’s passion for the subtle beauty of life is apparent in his photographs. He has focused on many exquisite subjects, and is able to
bring them out of the frame and into the live imagination of the viewer.

After working in San Francisco and New York, he decided to open his studio in Atlanta. He has been very successful in his commercial endeavors for many years in Atlanta. Advertising agencies, design firms, and Fortune 500 companies have been his primary clients, some of which include IBM, AT&T, Coca-Cola, DeBeers Diamonds, Hanes, Fossil, and Kimberly Clark. His work has repeatedly appeared on pages of such publications as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, Time and Newsweek. For more visit his website.

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Denise SilvaDenise Silva was recently the featured photographer in the Kelbyone Community article in the July/August 2015 Photoshop User Magazine!

She is a founding contributor to the Flickr Marketplace with over 250 images curated for their gallery; for use and sale in the Marketplace and Getty Images.

Denise Silva

Denise Silva

Photography for Denise is an extension of who she is, finding it meditative, creative, challenging, and rewarding from the associated travel through the visualization of a composition to the post processing and production of the final image. She has said, “I can honestly say that my passion is to capture everything I see. I enjoy the natural world, with endless landscapes, waterscapes, and animal wonders, but am just as likely to be found roaming the city shooting street scenes, people, and “urban-cityscapes.”

One aspect of photography that Denise enjoys the most is sharing the experience with friends: traveling with, shooting with, comparing with friends keeps her motivated and excited about photography, and constantly learning new things. She believes these experiences are inspirational and they can elevate each participant’s photography to the next level. For more visit her website.

Denise is also a founding member of Road Runner Photography Tours

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IvanRothman-Lilac Breasted Roller

IvanRothman-Lilac Breasted Roller

Ivan RothmanIvan Rothman has over 40 years  experience in photography and a love for wildlife.

He has traveled widely throughout North America, Japan, Iceland, the Galapagos and Falkland Islands and Costa Rica.  He has had many trips to Africa, photographing wildlife in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

He has given showcase presentations at the annual conference run by the New England Camera Club Council six times since 1998 including in 2014.  And Ivan has given a presentation at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. He specializes in multimedia shows and also does large format printing with canvas as his favorite medium. For more visit his website.


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