Workshop Description & Schedule 2018



Mark Maio: “Photographic Life Lessons”

Whichever point we are in our photographic journey, the tendency is to concentrate on which camera, lens, software or plugin we think we need to make better photographs. Many of us have photographers whose work we try to emulate and early on look to them and the equipment they use as a guide for our photography. While the tools we use are important, what we see, feel and say through them is even more important. Going beyond the technical aspects of image making and using his dual career in photography (medical/technical imaging & fine art photography), Mark will discuss how each half of his photographic life contributed to the photographic life lessons that have shaped his vision and voice. His presentation will help you look beyond the equipment and software you are using to make photographs and help you find what you are trying to say with them.


Katrin Eismann: Harnessing the Power of Lightroom’s Develop Module and Selective Tool

Discover how to create the highest quality image possible by harnessing the power within the Develop module in Adobe Lightroom. Master the tools needed to enhance, refine and add creative effects to your images using both global and local non-destructive image adjustments including white balance, tone curves, vibrance, clarity, sharpening, and color enhancements. Learn how to create presets to quickly apply these effects to multiple images and prepare your images for final delivery. Additionally, this session will dig into the selective editing capabilities in Lightroom to best refine your images including the Removal and Adjustment Brush to retouch, refine and interpret your images and the new Gradient Filter controls to expand your creative vision.



Gordon Lewis: Street Photography With Style 

How to step up your game and set your work apart from the run-of-the-mill street photo

The vast majority of street photos being produced these days consist of random shots of ordinary people in public places, doing nothing in particular other than walking, standing, or sitting. Neither the light, the moment, the composition, nor the color palette are anything special or distinctive. The image could have been taken by practically anyone, anywhere, any time. If this describes too many of your street photos and you want to do something about it, then this seminar is for you. Get out of the rut you’re in. Widen your horizons. Develop your own distinctive vision and style–and have fun doing it.



Keynote Presentation : Visual Depth

Ken Sklute

Canon Explorer of Light

Canon Explorer of Light Ken Sklute will share with you his thoughts as well as his tips and tricks about creating very strong images in an inform

ative and inspirational program called Visual Depth.

Ken creates images that viewers like to stay looking at without a need to move on to the next image. He will discuss in depth the thought process in making that happen and explain in detail about having 2-5 secondary subjects that compliments your primary subject through compositional alignment or layers of light.

Pre-visualizing the finished image and a little simple research will prove to be the key to improving your imagery to the highest of standards. Join Ken to learn how to improve your images and your vision.


A Sony Imaging sales representative will be present at the workshop and available to you.

The Light and Creativity Workshop is being held April 7th, 2018 at Central Penn College in Enola, PA


Workshop Schedule April 7th, 2018

8:00 am Buffet Breakfast and Vendors

9:00—10:30 am Mark Maio—Photographic Life Lessons

10:45 —12:15 pm Katrin Eismann—Harnessing the Power of  Lightroom’s Develop Module and Selective Tool

12:15—1:15 pm Catered Lunch—Vendor area open

1:15—2:45 pm Gordon Lewis—Street Photography With Style

3:00—4:30 pm Ken Sklute—Keynote Presentation: Visual Depth

Door Prizes

4:30—5:15 pm Meet the photographers/Vendors open







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