Workshop Schedule & Details (2015)

Presentation Details

How We Prepare an Image for Printing

Les Picker’s fine art photography hangs in private homes, offices, hospitals and galleries. From capturing an image to final hanging, Les and his assistant produce every aspect of their Limited Edition Prints in their studio; post-processing, printmaking, matting and framing.

In his presentation Les will condense his full-day printing workshop into a 90-minute overview, leaving time for questions. Les will showcase actual prints and innovative framing from his studio. Les is the Master Photographer for Museo Fine Art papers.

25 Tips For Improving Your Landscape and Nature Photography

Joe is a staff instructor at the Adirondack Photography Institute Legendary landscape photographer. Ansel Adams once said, “The landscape is possibly the most difficult subject material to work with; it offers the minimum control of point of view in reference to composition and confronts the photographer with extremes of light and shadow…” In this session Joe will present 25 field tips to help you overcome the inherent challenges in producing effective landscape and nature photographs.

Examples include:
• The importance of working close to home
• Scouting potential locations and returning at a favorable time
• Matching the available light with an appropriate landscape

Recently, Joe won the “Most Inspirational Moment” category in the Wilderness Forever photography contest sponsored by the Smithsonian and Nature’s Best Photography.”

Please join Joe for an engaging and educational session as he demystifies the process of
producing dynamic landscape images.


Sponsored in Part by Adirondack Photography Institute

A Quest for the Ordinary

I don’t consider myself a street photographer. Nor do I consider myself a documentary photographer. And while those traditions have been an influence, I’m more interested in creating worlds and populating them with the ordinariness of human experience. This ongoing project I refer to as Scenes from Civic Life.

My photographs are unsentimental observations whose clarity of description and accuracy of detail make them in a certain way documentary. However, I am not primarily interested in making documents. Rather, the documentary style serves as a point of departure toward a mixed style that already includes elements of the sketch – for its immediacy and lyricism- and a certain tense method of composition, that is, I believe, appropriate to the expression of my subject matter. Every photograph is an act of will.

Diane Arbus famously said “A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.”

Shunning Your Photography!

In this talk, Les walks the listener through six “tions” that he believes make each of us a better photographer. Inspiration, perspiration, differentiation, and experimentation are four critical activities. But they all come together only when two other powerful “tions” are added to the mix. Listen to Les as he explains what forms the bedrock of all creative, award-winning images.

Schedule for the Workshop

  • 7:45 am: Doors open for registration
  • 8:00 am: Breakfast Bar/Vendors
    • This is the time to enjoy a more hearty than usual continental breakfast & to chat with the vendors and browse through their products. It is also a time to greet friends made at last years workshop or time to make new friends.
  • 9:00a —10:30 am: 1st workshop choice: Les Picker or Joe Lefevre
  • 10:45 am—12:15pm: 2nd workshop choice: Les Picker or Carl Socolow
  • 12:15 pm—1pm : Catered Lunch/Vendors
  • 1:15 pm—2:45 pm: 3rd workshop choice: Joe Lefevre or  Carl Socolow
  • 3:00 pm—3:15 pm: Break/Vendors
  • 3:30 pm—4:30 pm:  Les Picker Keynote Presentation “Don’t Shun Yourself”
  • 4:30 pm—5:00 pm: Meet the photographers/Vendors
  • Vendors are available 8am-5pm


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